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formaliser, rassembler et classifier toutes les problématiques connues de tous domaines et sous-domaines scientifiques(~800)

Welcome to LibreIdea
libre and collaborative inventiveness database

Our goal is to classify humanity research questions to find collaborative solutions named ingenies to help humanity progress
[libʁ.aɪˈdiə] expanding the collective human mind
Share your research questions and your ideas and improve those of others!

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There are currently 222 research questions and 314 ingenies.

Who are we?

Libreidea.org is a specialist in ingenies. Along with collecting ingenies under free license, we create tools called COCIs to produce new and interesting ones.

By publishing ingenies in great detail, we prevent patents from being created, and by refining and revising each others' ingenies, we harness the collective intelligence of humanity.

LibreIdea helps you improve and evaluate(not yet available) ingenies collaboratively in order to spark innovative projects that will improve the well-being of all people.

We encourage you to add research questions to inspire new ingenies and projects.

Are you a developer, web developer or graphic designer and excited about our mission (see below)? LibreIdea needs YOU!

Join us in the LibreIdea Chat (not just for devs!)

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