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"way for doing it" file format +File format that save all steps the file has required  +


3D linux distribution +Start your computer you are directly in a 3d world like in a FPS  +
3D writing +It's time to invent 3D writing  +


Acheter une contribution aux projets libres en magasin +Buy a libre project donation ticket at supermarket, like how you buy sweets.  +
Active non player character in video game +the NPCs/boss destroy/build objects, NPCs, players, map, movers,...  +
Advanced mail filtering +A way to filter, display, organize mails by content and links.  +
Advices in function of what we want to do and where we are +The software needs to know what we want to do and gives advices in function of where we are  +
Algorithm for stone construction +The algorithm would classify the order of placement of the stones for construction in order to use the least amount of cement as possible  +
Ascii art streaming converter +Software that allows to watch film/TV in ascii art mode  +
Assistant d ecriture +as soon as you type more than two words, it proposes to you some corresponding texts you ve write  +
Autonomous USB solar battery charger +Mini solar panel to charge small electronic devices via many connectors USB, mini USB, micro USB in parallels.  +
Autumn tag tree of ingenies +The purpose of this tool is an assistance in the creation of new ingenies by seeing what does not exists and therefore might exist.  +


Backup day +A day to sensitize people about backups.  +
Brush teeth quickly and easely +Brush teeth quickly and easely  +


Cabane dans un arbre avec des trous pleins dans le tronc pour y construire le plancher +tree shed with full holes in the trunk to build the base  +
Calculatrice a unites +calculator that interprets unit prefixes and units  +
Chan irc sur freenode +#libre irc chan on freenode  +
Characteristics of the last news in a same topic +What are the characteristics of the last news in a same topic?  +
City portal +Thanks to a 10 meters large screen in the crowded market place, you can see Madagascar citizens in, also, their crowded market place 24 hours a day  +
Close validation button +close validation button allow you to validate your choice or choose ultra quickly  +
Collaborative URL +find a anti-censorship technical solution in p2p? Association for the url / ipv6 the system would be integrated in a browser or via extension  +
Collaborative idea website +Collaborative website of ingenies under free license  +
Collaborative keyword mixing +creation of ingenies by mixing keywords  +
Collaborative keywords mixing project +This is a coci. The aim of this project is to generate new ingenies by presenting users a combination of different keywords.  +
Collaborative matrix +everyone can evaluate ingenies based on three criteria (cost implementation, a number of potential users, utility) with weights. This allows everyone to help choose the ingenies on which it wishes to participate  +
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