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3D linux distribution +When i launch parameters; they appear all around me, spherically like i am in a bubble  +


Assistant d ecriture +You activate it then you start writing "engineer" and "sincerely" words. it presents you everything you wrote with this two words  +


City portal +You re in the biggest place in your town and you can see like real people walking in the market place on Madagascar  +
Collaborative keyword mixing +<br /><ideabot> combi 1 a b c <br /><ideabot> combi 2 d e f <br /><ideabot> combi 3 g h i <br /><vev> !yes 1 5 <br /><vev> !no 2 <br /><vev> !no 3 <br /><pavonia> !yes 1 8 <br /><pavonia> !no 2  +
Comment faire pour inciter la conception de liaisons numeriques de debit ascendant et descendant equivalent +Television ratio 0; adsl ratio up to 1/30)  +


Erranite +I am going to buy my baguette; i am going straight but i will come back by a totally different way  +
Est ce que la temperature influe sur l esperance de vie +* a grand mother lives more at 18 or at 19°C  +


Force trademarks to attach the name of their owner group to not distort the consumer s choice +food product label: "group/trademark"  +


How to avoid persons to employ hundreds of people for 10 years for theirs own good? +posses yacht, huge villa, domain, cars etc..  +
How to clone libre projects easely +we can modifier a libre music but we can't fork wikipedia or openstreetmap  +


ICal Bridge + doesn't provide feed, I'm forced to check the website and write events I want manually in my calendar.  +
Illustrated prices differently +*if this automatic mode is choosen, the program choose the closest unity to have a unity number between 2 and 6; i.e.: 1.5 billions euros = 3.2878 airbus A380 >> 3.2878 is between 2 and 6 * i want to buy a simple content to store seeds; i fix a 8 euros standard garbage as unity, then i compare it with others differents contents  +
Improved search fonction +I search for collaboration word, collaborate, collaborator, collaborative, collaboratively, etc..  +


LTR +* I copy paste an image on the website then someone add a irc chat box, then someone add a film, then someone delete everything etc.. * I browse pages but the "next page" button; then i move the button up to facilitate my browsing  +
Libre translation site +Example 1: in his translation file it says "hello" addon offers to validate (or valid automatically) replaced by phrase464, so the translation will be effective in all available languages on the collaborative site free translation 2nd example: in his translation file he wrote "I did not think" the addon offers him (to validate or word by word) automatically validates the longest sentence he knows (eg phrase5588 = I did not think / I did not expect / = phrase5589 ... or I did not think / I Never thought / ...), so the translation will be effective by request in all available languages on the collaborative site free translation * phrase5593 ** I do not think it would be possible / Je ne pensais pas que ce serait possible / isso não seria sabia that possivel ** en / fr / pt ** This is an example, I do not guarantee the right translation  +
Logiciel qui partage votre activite numerique +i look what a friend has done during the last month in his work and life  +


Maisondulibre label +VLC, debian, blender, libreoffice websites with "maisondulibre" logo  +
Many worlds FPS +* in the world 1: frag someone in a location has for consequence to drop ammo/weapon/shield/trap that get sickness/etc.. in world 2 <br />* use a jumper/elevator get activated elevator/hole trap/portal in worlds with odd number <br />* xonotic on afterslime map with 8 parallel worlds therefore 8 servers run afterslime and start and finish at the same time <br />** when a frag happens in the world 1, in world 2 appears a health/weapon at the same place  +


Protection des adresses mail par unicite +Intermediairy email addresses: * on : * on : * on :,  +
Pw at the 4 corners of the keyboard +7913, 9713, apwn etc..  +


Rated text +each sentence of a medical controversial text is rated by patients  +


Software that makes a fully clickable text +Brundtland report >> (clickable) link wp: & Pdf the complete English Brundtland report (318 pages, 16 MB)can / validate or not?  +
Synchronous promotion +at 16/08/16 08:16:08 , librists on earth go down the street, use internet, speak to their friends about gafa and privacy, and encourage people to use commons/libre software at 16/08/16 08:16:08 , a popup shows up through every libre software in execution. If he desires the user can see message about privacy, and encourage people to use commons/libre medias/software, Participate, give money etc..  +


Xb10 +You buy a hard drive of 4 Terabytes; It is fullfill with libre data  +