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Active non player character in video game +get video games more spicy  +
Assistant d ecriture +type faster  +
Autumn tag tree of ingenies +discover new ingenies put ingenie back in the right place browse the database  +


City portal +* link people, communities * share their respectives cultures * show to the young people how rich are cultures  +
Collaborative keyword mixing +find ingenies is non quantify  +


Echelle du vide +best understanding of big/little infinite  +


ICal Bridge +Ability to use iCal feed on any compatible calendar app (standard).  +
Illustrated prices differently +more money comprehension for consumers  +


Jetons de poker de couleurs degradees +see dispersion of money tokens  +


LTR +* website is alive * move every object we need for a better use  +
Libre translation site +* Typing is less simple but translation are automatic in available languages  +
Limit personal fortunes +reduce modern esclavagism. fair wage.  +
Long text search function +simplicity to search somthing in a long text document  +


Many worlds FPS +* made game more complex * offer new gameplay perspectives  +
Mini engins entièrement automatises +* no software dev cost: it can be used for any machine size * little size = little price  +
Music Festival Comparison +Better information on what you can expect during a music festival.  +

O +no loosing time by going from site to site. big choice. concurrency.  +


Propose dispose +search will be powerful, find will be easy  +
Protection des adresses mail par unicite +Reduce our own exposition to spam  +


Rated text +easy collaboration on writing and validate texts  +
Recommend healthy food based on how much a client can spend +Better health  +
Renumber the TV channels +give more power to little TV channels  +


Sphere of selection +structure the menu, condense informations  +
Synchronous promotion +massive promote all over the world each time  +


Television without ad +no advert at anytime  +
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