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Active non player character in video game +the NPCs/boss destroy/build objects, NPCs, players, map, movers,...  +
Advices in function of what we want to do and where we are +The software needs to know what we want to do and gives advices in function of where we are  +
Assistant d ecriture +typing takes time, lot of time as soon as you type more than two words, it proposes to you some corresponding texts you ve write it store automatically what you ve wrote a writing text is anything you write or any copy/paste you made you choose the number of line it ll display can desactivate it for a few time; 1hour, 1 day it s not a clipper, but it looks like  +


Big data reign story +story of a world wide company that becomes the governor of the world thanks to a revolutionary intrusive big data system. This system is composed by multiple part and allow the company to make huge profits everydays by making everytime the most performant choice.  +


Characteristics of the last news in a same topic +What are the characteristics of the last news in a same topic?  +
City portal +Thanks to a 10 meters large screen in the crowded market place, you can see Madagascar citizens in, also, their crowded market place 24 hours a day And a couple of people can also go to a small cabin to talk to them freely in the right down corner of the large screen. Technically: : webcam+sound between Paris and Diego-Suarez(in Madagascar) on market place or hall town (any frequented places) '''Make a gimp drawing to explain the city-portal ingenie'''  +
Collaborative URL +find a anti-censorship technical solution in p2p? Association for the url / ipv6 the system would be integrated in a browser or via extension  +
Collaborative idea website +site or each publish issues it encounters, the ingenies he has and could come contribute on projects that they take it to heart and also federate others on his own projects It publishes his ingenies under a free license, they are noted by the community and the motivation of people. They can launch themselves in the project via a wiki page, by their money, skills, supply of equipment etc... classification by profession/skill the site becomes a site of entrepreneur with no doubt a different concept about money, motivation, productivity etc...  +
Collaborative keyword mixing +This tool mixes words from a list (maked continuously collaboratively) and offer to contributors to validate and to explain the interest of this proposed combinaison or not To give an image, one could say that three people look at the cloudy sky(combinations of keywords) and say if they say something pertinent(cross if the keywords combinaison in interessant). Then we change the cloudy sky and we start again  +
Collaborative matrix +everyone can evaluate ingenies based on three criteria (cost implementation, a number of potential users, utility) with weights. This allows everyone to help choose the ingenies on which it wishes to participate  +
Comment arrêter l homme de toujours plus acheter, toujours plus produire? +Humans buy and produce more each day; but for what? Maybe 80% of this objects are used only two times. How to stop this culture of produce/buy objects for no reason ?  +
Comment ces genes modulent les signaux Notch/Hedgehog dans les cellules de tumeur et quels sont les mechanismes moleculaires impliques ? +How genes modulate Notch/Hedgehog signaling pathway in tumour celles and what are theirs molecular mechanisms involved ?  +
Comment est regulee l ubiquitination de la proteine anti-apoptotique BFL-1 ? +How is regulated ubiquitination of anti-apoptotic BFL-1 protein ?  +
Comment est regulee la degradation de MCL-1 lors d un arret mitotique prolonge ? +How is MCL-1 protein degradation regulated during extended mitotic arrest ?  +
Comment faire pour inciter la conception de liaisons numeriques de debit ascendant et descendant equivalent +With a ration f 1/30 we are just allowed to consume; How to have a normal ratio? to be actor/contibutor and not only consumers?  +
Comment inhiber/activer les genes modulateurs in vivo? +How to inhibit/activate genes in vivo ?  +
Comment interagissent les echelles spatio-temporelles de la variabilite climatique ? +How interact spatio-temporal scales in variability climate ?  +
Comment le climat impacte-il les agrosystemes vitivinicoles? +How climate impact wine agroecosystems ?  +
Comment les echanges surface-atmosphere interviennent-ils sur la variabilite rapide et lente du système climatique ? +How surface-atmosphere exchange interact on climate system variability ?  +
Comment les genes modulateurs influencent ou pas le processus cancer? +How genes impact or not cancer processus ?  +
Comment peut on decouvrir de nouveaux modulateurs de la voie Notch ou Hedgehog ? +How to discover new genes in Notch or Hedgehog signaling pathway?  +
Comment se forment les hetero-oligomeres de proteines TRIMs ? +How are made hetero-oligomers of TRIM protein ?  +
Comment se nouent les relations climat et societes ? +How are tied climate and societies relations?  +
Comment sont ubiquitines les facteurs de transcription des proteines NFAT ? +How are ubiquitin transcription factors of NFAT protein ?  +
Community information overlay +I surf wherever I can vote for the page, put comments ... with an overlay information sharing in a community this band should always be active when I surf (,, ...) technical solution: surfing from a site with embeded? or browser / extension?  +
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